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Glossary in plugin via options or hook#58

Add an option or hook into the WordPress plugin where we can fill in words that are not getting translated, like we can in the dashboard on
See following screenshot for a hook example:

8 months ago

Hi, Rémy here from the Weglot team. Actually, you can already add/remove/edit glossary rules in the dashboard. Why do you need also in the plugin ?

7 months ago

Hi Remy, we’re building a website where several users are able to edit their own content and they might use professional jargon or other words which should not be translated. We do not want to give those users access to the Weglot dashboard, which is why it would be awesome to be able to do this in WordPress. I’d prefer a hook so I could create custom fields in the user profile where users can enter their words.

7 months ago

I see. For now, it’s not something that is planned. You were right to post it here as a feature request though !

7 months ago